This Week’s Read…

The One-hundred-year-old-man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

by Jonas Jonasson

The One Hundred year old man  who climbed out the window_cover image

The title of this book grabbed my attention: not only does it break with current conventions of short succinct minimal wording but it also tells a story within itself, a story so curious and intriguing that I just had to get beyond the cover. 

Allan is about to celebrate his one-hundredth birthday – something that he is dreading and would prefer death over the impending party organised by the Old Folk’s Home. Minutes before his expected star appearance, he climbs out of the window, tramples a few pansies in the flowerbed and makes his escape. What follows is a ridiculous, chaotic and thoroughly enjoyable trek across Sweden, and the world, as Allan recalls his finer moments in life to the eclectic band of conspirators who join him along the way. Allan meets up with the antisocial, sometimes-thief Julius, aged in his seventies, and these two old men embark on escapades that had me chortling and  chuckling. I never imagined that a story about a couple of old guys on the run could be so entertaining. Major political figureheads such as Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung,  Churchill, Truman and a host of American presidents all make an appearance in the course of Allan’s life, all accompanied by the quest for good food, vodka and the desire to avoid any political discussions or involvement.

This lighthearted book is filled with comedic moments and wry observations, which made its characters all the more endearing as they venture through the totally implausible yet ultimately believable course of events.

published by: Allen & Unwin


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